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Tracking your picture along its journey, we try to "push" and present it to more future clients.

Expose Prod has maintained collaborations with international companies and private customers from various areas such as pharmacy, food, tobacco, travel, television networks, magazines, music bands, media companies, event planning, public organizations ministries.

Based on high skills of video technology and production, even under any form or amount of pressure, Expose Prod offers challenging ability on the analysis and synthesis of a video project along with an extremely productive performance on publishing any idea. The video production & promote teams achieve impressive results through an organized and humanly productive environment.

Based on the principles and requirements of a production stream, Expose Prod provides awareness for all the media and new media features, with a wide specialization on video programs, such as documentaries, features, corporate (internal & external videos), commercials, conference-presentation videos, trailers, sports, travel and music videos . By using the latest media technologies we keep your needs inside a great-constructed video project and publish them throughout the internet networks.

Throughout our experience, Expose Prod has generated good visual, creative and inventive skills and the ability to work patiently and closely in a team basis or under instruction. In addition, our capabilities reveal the effort on any production, working at short notices, under pressure, safely on any possibility of hazard. With our aptitude to create and maintain the highest outputs, Expose Prod feels that would be able to make a significant contribution to a client’s production.


Pre-production sessions (organizing & settling shooting)
Single-camera production (video & audio equipment suited)
Professional camcorder & DSLR equipment
Aerial photo & video shooting
Editing sessions
Motion Graphics design
Web Design
Internet Marketing
Client research & Scenario composition
Multi-camera productions (video & audio equipment suited)
Live-mix camera productions
Post-production sessions
Audio recordings
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Brand Management


  • 4

    Incrediblue – Company profile on behalf of Google

  • 6

    West East suites – Promotional video spot

  • ReGeneration-the-innovative-internship-program-that-gives-you-the-chance-to-stand-out

    ReGeneration, the innovative internship program that gives you the chance to stand out!

  • events-video4

    Elit by Stolichnaya – Westin Athens Hotel

  • events-video3

    Google Events – Think Video – YouTube

  • events-video2

    Reload Stores@The Mall Athens – Παρουσίαση δίσκου- Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος

  • events-video1

    TravelPlanet24 – Summer Party 2014

  • trailers-video2

    3ο “Φεστιβάλ Bollywood και Πολυπολιτισμικών Χορών”-Tv spot

  • trailers-video1

    YouTruck Fiesta 2014 – Promo Trailer

  • music-video4

    1 Βήμα Μπροστά – Κάτσε στη θέση σου (LIVE)

  • music-video3

    Απόστολος Ρίζος – “Σ΄αυτή τη χώρα” / Official video – clip

  • music-video2

    Ευα Κανελλη- Το παρελθον μου – Video Clip

  • music-video1

    Elpida Adamidou – 90 lepta – music videoclip

  • site-equipment3

    Army vehicles “Chrisostomos Patsas” – Historical presentation

  • site-equipment2

    Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313 CDI – Presentation -YouTruck Magazine

  • site-equipment1

    Baden Baden-Shopping Cite – Corporate Video

  • commercial-video3

    OnewayBooking.com – Crowd-funding Corporate video

  • commercial-video2

    Ελεήμων Εταιρεία Αθηνών – Γηροκομείο Αθηνών

  • commercial-video1

    Funk Martini-Commercial spot

  • corporate-video5

    SouthCity Magazine – Christina Koletsa – Fashion photoshooting

  • corporate-video4

    Νομική Βιβλιοθήκη – Εταιρική Παρουσίαση

  • corporate-video3

    AidPlusCare – Corporate video

  • corporate-video2

    Bartenders.gr – Corporate recap video 2014

  • corporate-video1

    Mini Raxevsky – Corporate video

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